The Community’s mission is to provide the international associations representing the world of glass with a meeting place, and a functional means for continuing the dialog begun in Murano in 2017.

Some practical ideas arose during the two-day Venetian event that are only an initial collection of topics of interest to members of the Community.
Among these are:

  • recognizing the importance of glass as the material of choice by a broad range of industries
  • strengthening the increasingly key role it plays, not only in traditional fields, like construction, automotive, pharmaceutical and renewable energies… but also in advanced technologies
  • lobbying the leading European political parties to promote the modification and updating of industry standards and regulations
  • promoting solutions that can apply pressure in terms of energy savings and efficiency in production processes
  • boosting best practices by supporting technical consultation at all levels and around the world
  • responding to the growing need for industry communication by building on the importance of the value of using glass in daily life through campaigns aimed at the general public
  • stimulating a corporate culture of ongoing education, training and updating at all levels
  • and last, but not least, the topic that led us to this point: boosting the concept of a single, large community, where the next generation, along with veteran industry professionals, can meet, discuss and encourage one other with new ideas, drawing upon a firmly-grounded technical, historical and artistic culture and making it accessible, from today forward, to future generations.

The associations have already agreed to meet again on October 4th, at Fiera Milano Rho, to establish the first technical committees.

The idea is to institutionalize the meetings, so they can meet annually, gathering each Spring to take stock of and bring everyone up to speed on work in progress.

We hope that the Convention of Associations will become a viable opportunity - a must for the entire industry - for constantly maintaining the dialog around current industry affairs, its goals for the future and the challenges that will become increasingly feasible to tackle together, in a genuine atmosphere of partnership and cooperation.